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Do you have questions? This forum provides you with the opportunity to submit questions regarding the Bond Program. This is your community and your Bond Election. You can submit your question to info@obrlp.com and our team will endeavor to provide a prompt response which will be posted here for you and the community to review.

Thanks for your interest!

The bond was approved in May. When will construction start?

Design is moving along as planned. Projects will be ready for pricing in early 2015. We expect construction to begin in late spring/early summer.

Where is the new Elementary School going to be constructed?

The district is looking at several options for a site location. Our focus is in the north and northeastern portions of the District. Many of our students are bused in from this area each day. A school located in that area would sharply reduce travel time for students and transportation costs for the District. We hope to announce a site location soon!

My taxes are lower that what was projected prior to the Bond election. What changed?

A couple of things affected the increase in taxes. First, the district was able to sell the bonds at a lower interest rate than projected due to current bond market conditions. Second, through the Bond Guarantee Program, the Texas Permanent School Fund is pledged to guarantee bonds issued by Texas school districts thus enhancing their credit rating. Bonds issued under the Bond Guarantee Program are rated AAA, thus allowing participating school districts to borrow at a lower cost. Lockhart ISD received its guarantee which helped the District achieve an even lower interest rate than projected.

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