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Lockhart High School

Lockhart High School

Lockhart High School was constructed in 1965. There have been numerous additions and upgrades to the facility over the years; however, the campus falls short in a number of areas specific to the size and function of instructional spaces relative to the State standards outlined in the Texas Administrative Code. At almost 185,000sf, the facility supports grades 10th-12th with a current enrollment approaching 1,000 students.

The bond program includes extensive demolition, renovation and additions to the campus to support grades 9th-12th. Also included are improvements to the high school athletic facilities to address capacity and accessibility.

Budget: $47,057,811
Architect:Huckabee, Inc.
Contractor:Bartlett-Cocke General Contractors
Projected Completion: July 2017
Update: Sitework / Misc:
  • Landscape final 2 trees have been located by walk-thru with landscape architect
  • Drainage in all areas was reviewed and documented this week
  • Civil engineer was onsite for a complete site inspection and punchlist
  • Exterior building punchlist is documented and schedule forthcoming
New Construction – Phase 2
  • Section 5 and 6/Common Area/AV Studio:
    • AV studio screen wall painting in progress
    • AV studio lighting system ready for light placement (coordinate with staff)
    • Review of expansion joints in progress
  • Section 7/Performing Arts Center:
    • Seating installation is 90% complete
    • Rigging of overhead stage systems is complete, review with architect for clearance
    • Electrical wiring of seat lights and the booth control wiring continues
    • Pony walls at the lower seating section have been tape and bedded
    • Lobby VCT flooring is near complete
    • Stage flooring has begun
    • Sound system wiring in progress
    • Acoustic panels are completed
  • Section 9/Athletic locker rooms:
    • Punchlist items are in progress
  • Section 13/Library:
    • Punchlist items are in progress
    • Millwork details continue to be addressed
  • Section 14/First Floor:
    • Punchlist items are being addressed
  • Section 18/19/Second Floor:
    • Punchlist items being addressed
  • Section 15/Cafeteria Stage:
    • Punchlist items being addressed
  • Stadium and Pressbox
    • Water damage documented and repairs in progress
    • AC unit servicing is completed and controls will be checked again next week

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