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Lockhart ISD Seeking Property

Huckabee to Design New Elementary School and Other Improvements

After reviewing statements of qualifications from 18 architectural firms, the Administration recommended and the Board approved Huckabee, Inc. as the design architect for the New Elementary School. Once contract terms are agreed to, Huckabee will also provide design services for many of the various capital improvements at existing campuses.

Board Adopts Lower Tax Rate than Projected

Prior to the bond election, the District projected the interest rates on the bonds at 4.38%. Based on that assumed rate, the maximum tax rate increase was estimated at $0.3228/$100 in taxable value. The District was able to actually issue the bonds at an average interest rate of 3.859%. As a result, the Board adopted an increase of $0.2496/$100 in taxable value. This means the monthly impact to the average home value in Lockhart ISD of $89,793 will be $18.68/mo rather than the $24.15/mo projected. The chart below reflects the revised monthly impact to various home values based on actual average interest rate on the bonds.

Net Taxable Value After Exemptions$50,000$75,000$89,793$100,000$150,000$200,000
Maximum Estimated Monthly Tax Increase$10.40$15.60$18.68$20.80$31.20$41.60

Board Gets First Look at Detailed LHS Floor Plan

In December, 2013, LISD engaged Huckabee, Inc. as the design architect for this important project. Working with High School Staff, students, community members and Administrators, Huckabee developed a concept for additions and renovations to the existing campus. These improvements will increase the total campus capacity to 2,200 students, which will enable the district to move the 9th grade from M.L. Cisneros to the High School.

After successful passage of the bond referendum, Huckabee moved forward with Schematic Design. Working with High School staff and Administrators, Huckabee has reconciled the space program narrative with the proposed floor plan. The schematic floor plan, shown below, was presented to the Board of Trustees at their July meeting. For more information, see the Lockhart High School Project update page.

Lockhart High School schematic floor plan